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redneck county , tourisum attracts mostly travelers (A.K.A. tinkers) and american's who are convinced they are irish but are not. men that look like monkeys and where the townies hang out at local sweet shop e.g cards n'candies.and rednecks lap the town in tractors....even though it is not actually a town its a shithole.
girl: wanna go shopping?
boy: no i wanna go louting in buncrana.
by peach,mariosBiatch August 13, 2011
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The second biggest town in Donegal, full of people who do nothing but complain about anything and everything. There's the odd nice person who would say hello to you on the street, but other than that 90% of the teenagers are completely useless. The rednecks and their 12-year-old girlfriends think they're the most intimidating crowd since the drug gangs of New York when they can't tell their lefts from their rights and couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat. Their parents think butter couldn't melt in their mouths when it's really the teenagers that are the louting, vandals who march around thinking the whole world is at their feet, vandalising the town, dumping litter and standing in huge groups at public places eg: cards n'candies, intimidating the elderly as they would pass. They shout abuse to pedestrians and do things which are absolutely no personal benefit to them in any way, they have no morals. 97% of the girls dress like 40-year-old street walkers and try much too hard on their make-up which causes extreme bitchy-ness among the packs that they lout in. They can't choose their friends which makes it extremely difficult not to be caught up in a girl's fight in Buncrana. The town itself is absolutely lovely, the scenery and history of the town is fantastic and is a great tourist attraction, but the teenagers just completely ruin it.
Man: It's a pity the young people of Buncrana aren't as nice as the scenery is here.
Women: You can't have looks and personality, and the wains here have neither.
by nonyabuz August 24, 2012

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