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a bumtard is a person whom you love dearly, however you still wish to offend them in a joking manner
love you bumtard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Log-jane May 02, 2008
hmm, Alright picture like a dumb lookin' kid right? and put a bum oh his face, and slap him around a couple times. That kid got bum tarded, and is now a bum tard.

Kids that get bum tarded, or "bum tards" act in certain ways which have attributed new meaning to the word bum tard. For example if your nose smells like poo and your cheeks are red, you are automatically a bum tard, even if you haven't been bum tarded.
"Kevin is a bum tard"
"Steve got bum tarded, and now he's SUCH a bum tard!"
by SATAN's mom's va jay jay! August 04, 2008

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