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the little bits of shit that cling to your arse hair, like brown teardrops.
Bollocks! I forgot to wipe up my bumshanks, now I need to go to Ethel Austins for some new keks.
by BigRedJohn October 17, 2006
1. (verb) the act of make savage love to anothers' anus in a wild, fast pumping, ass tearing, monkey like way

2. (noun) a fucking shitnosed assbag who thinks he doesnt want only to get rimmed in the ass by large black man

but is worng
1. "hey mikey, sorry i bum shanked your sister and mother yesterday, hopefully the blood and shit will wash out from their sheets"

2. "Randel sure is a bum shank"
by jesiah mesiah June 20, 2008
1. A gay. On the giving end.
2. A word that you can shout out at the end of a concert.
1. I went to pick up my pen and he got out his bumshank, now i have a sore ass.
2. "so here it is, merry christmas. Bumshank..."
by S4J January 23, 2010

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