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A rat that has some how found its way in to your bum gap and has made babies..
They wiggle alot and cause some discomfort

You need to get them out by there kneck as if you grab the tail it will rip off
Dave: Some things wrigglying in my ass

Keith: You may have bum rats
by tomthebomb October 30, 2007
A rat that lives in the anus of every living being. They have extreamly large testicles which protrude from their underarms, and under developed legs, which causes them to walk on their enormous butt cheeks. A bumrat will happily eat the sharp bits in your poo and dance to dirty 70's disco music. If your bumrat dies, you die.

The french in the 100 years war fired their bumrats at the ememy, not realizing how vunerable they were when their bumrats were slain.
by Dicksmoker April 18, 2008
A name given to Chavs, also can be referred to as 'barry's'
That guy is such a bumrat!
by Rmb1982 August 11, 2010
someone with a "right monster" stamp collection
"blankety blank" has a right monster stamp collection
by bum rat March 24, 2004
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