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A camshaft; the part of a typical engine that is timed with the crankshaft to actuate the valves.
Karl has a serious bumpstick in that thing, listen to the lope!
by ghost August 01, 2003
A piece of wood shaped like the stock of a rifle, with a horizontal bar projecting from one side. It magically turns semi-automatic weapons (those which fire one bullet per pull of the trigger) into bullet-hoses; a device which uses the recoil of a gun to fire the next round.
One of many ways to turn your shitty california-legal semi-automatic AR-15 into a machine-gun. Very popular in US states where semi-automatic rifles are legal; chiefly used by man-children and 13-year-old boys. On the down-side, it seriously impedes accuracy, and thus is useless for criminals.
Imma take my SKS and bump-stick and shoot some dirt!
Just plug in your bump-stick to turn your glock into a matrix-style machine-pistol!
I used a bump-stick and hit nothing but air.
by DRAC250 March 10, 2011
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