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A chillout session after a party or other major event; usually in the afternoon.
1. Jun I'm soo sick of partying - is there gonna be a bumpout after this?

2. Jun are you gonna come to the bumpout?
by Dukeee August 17, 2007
See bump in.
We finished the bump out at 3am.
by 1234512345tenfour July 10, 2010
The word 'Bumpout' is used to describe someone or something letting you down in someway.
"Collis isn't turning upto football again! What a bumpout!"
"Miller passed out again! Why did he drink everyone drinks!Big time Bumpout!"
"I would go out with that girl but i heard she was abit of a bumpout in the bedroom"
"Look laity face.. he been bumpedout by arsenal yet again"
"You F-ing bumpout, im going to smack you right on the bell-end"
by Paul Kenneth Kent December 13, 2007

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