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The smell of beach restrooms and out door elevators.... It smells like bum piss--- bumpiss.
DAAAAAAAAAAAANG!! this place smells like bumpiss!
by Alex and Aidan September 02, 2007
3 6

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when you have a shit and it is basically water coming out of your ass
'john did a hell of a bum piss'
by Mark9288 January 23, 2007
14 8
bum piss is when you have had an illness or it can happen when you take to many drugs.
your guts empty them selves like passing water through your bottom = bum piss
by peter mills August 24, 2006
8 5
The event of an extremley runny shit, usually caused by recent diets.
I ate a whole box of bran flakes and Iv'e been bumpissin' for hours!
by o0 I3LACKOUT Oo August 03, 2008
3 2
The act of sending BUM URINE to someone via the mail
"damm dude you send you boss BUMPISS!" he is an asshole
by chubbyshawn November 16, 2007
0 4