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A term that defines that act of rubbing two vaginas together.
Sarah and mary like to bump tacos.
by Nastynate June 12, 2003
An act of passion between two women in which a pleasurable friction is generated from the contact of their respective vaginas.
It sounds like the lesbians in the next tent are bumping tacos.
by PowersCourt October 23, 2003
An activity that lesbians do which is very fun to watch. Involves two females pressing their labias against each other and rocking back and forth to maximize their pleasure.
It was worth the $150 to watch two hot hookers bumping tacos while sucking my dick.
by urban pervert June 13, 2003
wen lesbos press their labias together and roll around to add force
very entertaining
lesbos form of sex
Those lesbos liks bumping tacos
by mikeikes February 18, 2009