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Home girl be bumpin uglies with one too many freaks.
by Sybermoms.com October 21, 2003
Another word for sex. with multiple partners but at different times.
Last night I went out Bumpin' Uglies.
by Deadman Dan October 19, 2005
The mating ritual of two people resembling beached whales resulting in an ugly, sometimes turtle-like scraggly offspring.
Bumpin Uglies. That girl is a perfect example.
by Tardified July 29, 2010
lesbian sex; when the vaginas of two female sex partners smack together during sexual intercourse, often swapping fluids and debris.
I was trying to sleep, but the lesbians next door were bumpin uglies all night and the sloppy smacking noises were echoing too loudly
by lunchemz May 18, 2005