Anal sex. When a man inserts his cock into another mans ass and fucks him until he shoots his load up the mans ass.
"Give me a good bumming, I want to feel your hard cock pounding my ass. Fuck me hard, I want your cum up my ass"
by Ben Dover August 05, 2003
Gay sex
Matt sucked and wanked lee's big cock. Then Lee sucked Matt's dick , fingered and licked him until Lee put a condom on and got ready to fuck him.
"Ah, oh yeah " shouted Matt as he was getting bummed up the arse by Lee. Lee's balls smacked against Matt's arse. " Harder,Harder " Matt screamed as he wanked his dick.
Lee whipped off his used condom and wanked his cock until he shot his cum all over Matt's body. Then Matt shot his juicy load over Lee.
They laid on the floor covered in cum. They both love bumming now.
by yep9 May 05, 2015
Term given to the act of anally ramming someone. This can be physical (anal sex/gay rape) or merely psychological (in that the ramming is performed via words, social networking etc)
The latter tends to aggravate spectators more as it is a wholly warped and embarrassing way of attempting to make friends or stimulate a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
One of the most hilarious technique of bumming is unanimously the 'facebook bum'. This occurs between two people over the social networking site, and can involve anything from a poke war to a full scale conversation on eachothers walls, ending in variations of 'loveee yaaa!! xxx'
Other ways of bumming include mysteriously laughing at someones abysmal joke, or exerting extreme physical contact onto those who you wish to bum (this may sometimes occur when drunk, in which case it is not bumming)
WARNING - attempting bumming can result in serious loss in respect.
"did you see how much jeffery was bumming soph last night?"
"yeah, what a mess"
by kingapin1 November 13, 2010
1. Being bumming out

2. Scrounging for something.
1. "Man, Im bumming today."

2. "Can I bum a grit off you?"
by ItsGiiiiibb! October 08, 2009
The state of sucking upto, following, hanging around or loving someone or something.

See Bum.
'Richard is bumming Anthony because he wants to borrow cash.'

'My little sister is always bumming me, it's so annoying.'

Sally: Why are Mary and Jen always bumming?
Melanie: I think they are bffs.

by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
Gay sex
Gary was sucking Harrys big hard dick and feeling his big balls, then Harry licked Gary's arse hole then the real fun happened...

"Ah oh yeah !" Screamed Gary as Harry fucked him up his arse! "Harder , harder !" Screamed Gary as Harrys balls slapped against Gary's arse.

"Ah , I'm cumming !" Cried harry as he rapidly wanked his dick until he shot his huge load over Gary. Then Gary shot his load over Harry. They both layed on the floor covered in cum.

" I love bumming "

The end.
by yep9 November 04, 2014
a) practice of getting good sticking from your best boarding house buddy

b) borrowing an item

c) borrowing a practice of sticking...
a) Jolly Ho! You big ponce! Ram it up my behind, I've got my ringer open and I'm begging you to enter

b) Can I bum a quid?

c) Can I bum a fag?
by Milne December 17, 2004
when you are dressed the opposite of swagg.
a friend walks in wearing a lame or dirty t-shirt and sweat pants
"man y r u bumming today"
by dirtytoastr March 05, 2012

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