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Anal sex or anything to do with the asshole like fingering.
Me and Sophie had some bumfun in the mcdonalds toilets.
by Pimp_who_walks_with_a_Limp September 16, 2005
38 18
Anal sex, usually referred as between two males.
"lets have some bum fun!" Terry shouted to his Father
by Yerpingley McStrumpleburtt May 29, 2006
65 54
Bum=homeless person - Fun=fun

1 Bum Fun is when you go out and torment the homeless for your own amusement

2bum fun is intended for people to see how good there life really is by making fun of the homeless.
I went out and had some bum fun today.

it made me realize that my life is much better than i thought.
by F bibles October 31, 2009
43 33
A term describing anal sex with gay men.
Well, if being a rent boy is gonna get you bum fun, Daffyd, then I'm all for it.
by Wankshaft December 04, 2005
37 41
anal intercourse specifically and also in a broader sense appreciation of the buttocks
I love bum fun both ways
by Edna Sweetlove November 05, 2006
19 31