A person who is an airhead,spaced out,could care less about anything
Ill tell you what, stan sure is a bumbob
by Bajohnson December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A term used to describe a middle-aged to elderly man whose sole purpose is to make an ass of himself and not feel guilty about it.
That bumbo got rolled three times before he'd taken a taxi home from the bar.
by movo January 25, 2008
It means a sluts assumed sexual partner. It's an acronym for a (brother u musta been on) Originated in Yonkers new york.
"I can't seem to find a man that wasn't your bumbo"

"If she is so pissed at me. Have her bring one of her Bumbo's and we can fight"

"If he's from her town, I'd assume the worst of that bumbo"
by westsydepemp July 22, 2014
The male alternative to bimbo. Usually a lazy boyfriend that doesn't work very often if at all. A couch potato. A man that uses women for food, shelter, and clothing. A moocher.
She does all the work and cooks too...he does nothing he's such a bumbo.
Mom told me I should've never married that bumbo.
by thedzone October 13, 2009
A Bum who's a Dumbo - Bumbo
You are such a lil BUMBO!!!
by Chigz Kot September 29, 2006
The Combination of the phrase/name Butthole and Bimbo to refer to someone with a lack of socail finesse and who is not a plesant person to be around.
Generally used by hikers and other outdoor friendly people.
"Stop being such a Bumbo!"

"I can't stand that Bumbo!"
by Jamal Hazard October 17, 2006
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