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A) A female who turns around and points her ass in your face when she is not satisfied with your actions.

B) A female who refuses to engage in anal sex.
That girls ass is tighter than a pair of vice grips. She sure is a bumble butt.

Bitch has got one of those straight up bumble butt attitudes.
by JohnOfTheDen August 15, 2006
7 19

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1.haley next door
2. a person who has been attacked or bitten by a flock of bees and is no longer able to poop
3.a person who has develop leprosy and has no butt and had to have a bee replace their butt
1. haley ur such a bumblebutt
2. oww i got attacked by a flock of bees now ill be called bumblebutt
3. crap i lost my butt now it is pointy and kills. heck im a bumblebutt
by snowstormxsilentfur January 19, 2009
3 7