When a group of BUMS, more than two, approach you asking for money or food.
While at the highway rest stop, I was bumbarded by several homeless bums beging for money and food.
by FrankPalace January 05, 2012
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When you get swarmed by bums either they are asking for money or they just dont like you
I was in San Francisco for the weekend, a bum asked for a buck so I gave it to him. The others saw and before I knew it I was being bumbarded.
by Anti-spoon September 15, 2009
When one exits their vehicle at a petrol station or other such establishment and is immediately assailed by bums and addicts begging for money.
Ex. I hate this Hess mart; every time I come here I always get bumbarded by basers asking for "just two dollars..."
by demonic&Jennifer February 07, 2014

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