When a group of BUMS, more than two, approach you asking for money or food.
While at the highway rest stop, I was bumbarded by several homeless bums beging for money and food.
by FranPalace January 05, 2012
Top Definition
When you get swarmed by bums either they are asking for money or they just dont like you
I was in San Francisco for the weekend, a bum asked for a buck so I gave it to him. The others saw and before I knew it I was being bumbarded.
by Anti-spoon September 15, 2009
When one exits their vehicle at a petrol station or other such establishment and is immediately assailed by bums and addicts begging for money.
Ex. I hate this Hess mart; every time I come here I always get bumbarded by basers asking for "just two dollars..."
by demonic&Jennifer February 07, 2014

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