Extremely bad odor
Brian don't never wash. He smells like bum ass.
by bight7 December 15, 2011
Top Definition
something or someone that resembles something bumlike
yo that shirt is mad bumass. I bet he found that shit in a dumpster
by banglasoup January 18, 2011
It's a term you use if somebody is being mad annoying and/or talking shit.
Jordan: look at u with ur uglay ass
Me: stfu bumass nigga

Jordan: She just called me a bumass
by eminemloverr15 March 08, 2014
1. (verb) Unfortunate or displeasing circumstance, bullshit.

2. (noun) Unfortunate or unpleasant person, douchebag.
1. aw, you have to work on your birthday?! that shit is bumass...

2. So don't call him then...he's a bumass anyways..
by RD McLean December 11, 2006
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