What your dog leaves on the patio. Normally firm, well formed stools that bear an uncanny resemblance to walnuts, or pieces of chopped sausage.
"That dog has dropped a pile of bum nuts on the carpet again!"

"Gross! I stepped on a bum nut!"
by Blonefuse July 10, 2008
Little pieces of poo that are neglected when wiping ones bum.
Mark- "Oi Dave, why are you walkin like that?"
Dave- "Sorry mate, i've got bum nuts!"
Mark- "Wipe yer bloody arse then!!!"
by Danarky May 14, 2003
A bald person. One who has a head resembling a bum.
Who are you calling baldie, you bumnut.
by Darrell Smith June 17, 2005
an egg, such as the ones falling from avian holes.
Say bitch, go out to the fucking hen coup and fetch some bumnuts for breakfast.
by Krome J February 28, 2004

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