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Lips pursed in such a way that they resemble an anus.
"Don't kiss me with those silly bum lips, give me some tongue you penny-farthing driving fuckarse."
by j-oshua October 15, 2009
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When lips are severely chapped due the cold weather and a crack develops towards the centre of the lower lip causing the lip to look like a bumlip
by Al The Kemist November 23, 2007
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Kissing someone whom has previously licked a bumhole.
"Why are your lips brown?"
"I just kissed my girl, man!"
"Did you know you have bumlips?"
by RichieC-RichieDoo January 19, 2009
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when a mans breath smells of shit
matt: my breath smells
brett: go brush ya teeth then bumlips
by brett mate December 05, 2007
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The rim of your anus typically with a circumference 2πr, r being the radius of the ass pussy. This has an exponential growth whether you are excreting waste, or receiving sweet love which is proportionate to each persons bum cheek volume.
Jonathan dropped the soap and felt the exponential growth of his bum lips
by KinkyCactus June 01, 2016
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