A good friend, who is loyal and stands by someone, despite what other people say. They are not afraid to say how they feel and stand up for what they believe in. Often a girl, perhaps with the name Niamh. Usually a person who is given the name bumlicker is proud to be one, if the morals behind it are for a good reason.
Stop Defending Chloe, You Bumlicker.
Well if being a good friend makes me a bumlicker then yes, thats me.
by CheezyGrinn July 29, 2010
Top Definition
repugnant public display of obsequious adulation towards an individual. Excessive flattery, for improving personal gains (social, professional, financial, sexual etc.)
Rapid promotion was gained by bum licking the managing director.

The man only mirrored the views of the other people around him because he was incapable of developing and announcing his own. He was a complete bum licker.
by chuckmundo April 10, 2011
Someone who enjoys the taste of excrement, fresh from another person or animals ass ring.
Flare is a big gay bum licker.
by Prophet of 7 July 04, 2003
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