Top Definition
being in a situation when you have diarrhea.
do you want to come down the pub or are you still being bum sick?
by P1eter June 21, 2007
Getting so drunk that when you wake up in the morning, you are violently sick out of your arse
"I was so bumsick last night, i woke up this morning and felt like my arsehole was a fire hose"
by The Tudor January 21, 2012
to shit and vomit at the same time
i drank 50 pints the other night, went to the gents and was bum sick
by becomeaproduct December 06, 2007
after one has ejaculated inside the womans vagina and it then ooozes slowly out
Jason came inside Mary and she let the bumsick dribble out of her pussy down her buttocks and onto the bed sheets
by Gary19032 August 31, 2007

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