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Refering to the chemical Taurine (bull testosterone.), in most of energy drinks (like Red Bull, Bull?! ehh ehh), but mostly refering to Monster energy drink.
"You gonna pop open that bullnut, or waaat man?!"

"Can we drop by tha 7-11 to get some bullnut?"

"Duuuuude, im so tired, i think i need myself a bullnut!"
by Garbo Boyz April 08, 2006
A person of Mexican decent.
That taco bender is such a bullnut.
by Teraton February 13, 2007
just another way to say bullshit.
you should stop talking all that bullnuts about how your team is the best.
by KRHimself November 10, 2004
noun - describing a person that is saucy.
Did you see Bull Nuts last night
by reggie bullnuts March 26, 2010
A name for the energy drink Monster because of ingrediates the contain bull testostarone(seman).
"you gonna pop open that bullnut or what?"

"hey lets stop by circle k to pick up some bull nut."
by SeanMc March 15, 2006
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