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Slang for speed.
Using speed is aka "riding the bullet train".
You go ahead and chase the dragon - I'll be riding the bullet train all day.
by someone4214124 June 28, 2010
When a man slides his penis up and down the outer labia(lips) of a very wet vagina while erect. Creating a fast sliding action up and down similar to a bullet train on rails.
I was with my girlfriend last night and she was so wet I ran a bullet train over her.
by Flash81 May 21, 2009
The creation of the earth, moon, sun, universe and all life. It has no reflection because there can only be one Bullet Train. Faster than the speed of light times infinity... but, whatever...
Did you feel that breeze?

- Yes, must've been the Bullet Train.
by SOLXinfinity November 20, 2010
When one turns a bullet vibrator on, sticks it up the ass of a male or female then performs anal sex. This pushes the vibrator up so high it will not be able to be removed, and the vibrator will have to run out of battery power to stop vibrating.
Kate: What's that noise?
Jill: I got a Bullet Train from Greg before meeting up with you.
Kate: Wow, that's hot.
by Codename Duchess March 20, 2013
It is when you fart in the intake vent of a CPAP machine.(The machine the people with sleep apnea use)and it gets sucked in and blown into there nose through the mask.
"I stopped by my buddiers house and he was still sleeping, so sent him the BULLET TRAIN to wake him up"
by RQL August 11, 2007
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