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Used to refer to members of the military. Usually refers to members of an infantry unit or any other high speed dangerious unit such as special forces. Most often used to describe members of the Army or Marines or members of other branches who endure a large number of casualties.
John: I've been thinking about joining the Army and hopefully going infantry.

Tom: Good Luck. I'd join with you but being a bullet catcher really isn't my thing.
by that<one>guy March 03, 2010
23 5
Also known as Bodyguards.

They are there to catch the bullets so their Clients don't have to.
The job of a Bullet Catcher is usually a thankless one until they live up to their title.

by TackSig January 07, 2008
13 12
1.Jean Robert-Houdin, who was one of the first to catch a bullet in his teeth

reference: http://www.foreworks.com/bullet.html

2. Krassin Antov, a bulgarian magician who also used this trick commonly in his performances, dubbed "the amazing Bulkan" by some.

3. a lucky person who survives a shootout unscarred, or lives through multiple wounds.
Holy crap! how did the bullet catcher do that!
He got shot 9 times and lived? he's gotta be some sorta bullet catcher
by Edarios June 15, 2006
2 18