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During sexual intercourse, you tell your partner that you have HIV/AIDS and you see how long you can stay on. Hence, "The Bullrider."
I pulled a bull rider on Mary last night.
by Johnson Doe June 25, 2006
This super amazing strain of weed that gets you so stoned that you feel as if your riding a bull No-SHIT!!
O my god! I should have never smoked that Bullrider!
by zpiv612 January 12, 2008
When a woman is riding a man in the cowgirl position, she reaches around her back and smacks the unsuspecting victim in his balls. The man then proceeds to buck like an angry bull. If the woman can hang on for 8 seconds, this is considered a full ride.
"So my girlfriend is going to town on me last night cowgirl style and pulls a Bullrider. She didn't make the full 8 seconds so I Donkey Punched her in the grill"
by BangCock Betty May 07, 2009
Term that refers to having sex doggy style while the male is about to ejaculate, he tightly holds the female by the waist while still being inside of her and either says, "I've been sleeping with your sister" or "I've been cheating on you with (____)"... Then you hold on for the ride of your life.
I was doing this chick the other night, but she wasn't putting her ass into it. So I got her in a Bull Rider, and daaaymn, she nearly snapped my dick off.
by NPG September 21, 2007
A person who lives on bullshit, or is considered 'full of bullshit'.
She lied to me again! She is such a bullrider!
by Shalissa the First February 18, 2015
is being on top while having sex with a girl when mid way through you tell her she isnt half as good as her siter,mom,best friend etc. then you grab hold of her tits and see if you can hold on to your angry partner for 8 seconds
while i was riding christina last night i told her "your good but not half as good as your sister" then grabbed her tits and tried to hold on like a BULL RIDER
by altajay August 25, 2008
according to my best buddy raul, both these definitions are incorrect. to bull ride, is to do a girl from behind when then the male takes the female's hair and sticks it in her rear end. he then tried to ride her as long as he could while she tried to kick him off for being "weird." raul calls it "quirky."
Tommy was gonna give that skank an eifel tower but giving himself a high five just couldn't do it justice. He decided to give her the bull rider instead.
by band bum dos. September 17, 2007
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