Essentially frothing on a persons face.
Jack: I got bukaked last night..\
Brock: Yuck man..
by Finny_37 April 30, 2008
the act of a bitch (paris hilton) taking large loads of man-gravey(sperm) directly on the skin of her/(creeply, his) face and the victim licks it off. side affects of by-standers could be vomiting, Unconsciousness, or joinig in on the fun

"Dude, me and some hommies went to a club and bukaked all over this bitches face"
by SausyGuy April 12, 2009
When men line up to cum on a ho's face.
We give Dustin's girlfriend bukake every night after we run a train on her.
by oompa hata September 02, 2003
Pronounced in Japanese as (Bookk-cock-ay) generally means to spread something everywhere, whether it be spraying sperm or spreading sperm.
Takeshi, I told you last time, no more bukake.
by informayshun September 18, 2003
Japanese for "facial humiliation". When a girl gets cummed on by several guys. A very fun thing to watch especially if she drinks it too.
I love Asian porn because they never cease to amaze with sluts getting bukake.
by urban pervert June 29, 2003
Japanese for "semen shower."
You fag, bukake on me in public one more time and I'll pull a Jeff K on you.
by dj gs68 July 18, 2003
origin: rumored to be the japanese word for "splash"
Tom hanks once starred in a film, that once expported to japan was titled "bukake."
by Bukake_Samurai69 May 27, 2004

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