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(noun) an old woman who lives alone in the woods, lonely, accomponied by owls. Comes from Russian folklore.
Buka can try to steal grandchildren to keep her company in the lonely woods.
by idontcare22022 July 10, 2008
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A word shouted or screamed during the ejactulation process on someone's face.
I can't hold it...any...longer......BUKA!!!
by The Mobius One September 10, 2005
noun - the sound of a gunshot
"It was like, buka, a gunshot yeah?"
by Daniel Willis September 19, 2003
a mix of sanbuca and vodka!
teddy:'gimme sumthing with that extra kick'

lucy:'alrite il get u a buka, ul like that haha'
by launa January 04, 2007
Brandeis University Kayaking Association
If you want to learn how to tackle white water, join BUKA.
If you want to be thrown into a pool while stuck inside a kayak, join BUKA.
by Oren, BUKA Founder December 02, 2005

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