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Buji refers to anything, or anyone using or wearing, anything that could be described as being expensive just to be expensive. Buji can be used as a noun or an adjective.
Jennifer Lopez has a $40,000 watch, she's buji as hell.
I don't shop there because it's too buji.
Chicks that keep dogs in their purses are buji.
Nice Prada bag, you buji ass.
by Serfess Blows April 21, 2007
Someone thats high-class, loves the finer things in life, someone thats strong, confident, walks with pride, thats not going to settle for less, demand to be respected.
by Realfly October 05, 2009
Buji is short for the french word bourgeoisie ((Boor-zhwah)) which means middle class/upper middle class.

commonly used to describe expensive taste
We went to a buji restaurant

He/She/They like to drink buji coffee
by monocle November 13, 2012
A ratchet or bust down who wears expensive clothes.
Damn you see that girl wearing that gucci outfit? She must be buji.
by Hurley6984 November 29, 2014
When a person is often called ugly,hideous,triflin,skanky or slutty
She looks buji with that skirt on
by The Words Of Truth January 01, 2015
Pronounced "boo - zshi" - to gently manoeuvre yourself between two other parties.
I had to buji my way into the front of the queue.
by tyrenii April 17, 2011
A buji is a traditional pilgrimage made by all crazy people

It involves riding to Jupiter on a llama as well as rituals with french vanilla creamer.

(derived from blue jeans)
I'm going on a buji tonight!!
by the yalzz September 27, 2010
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