A slang term for an obnoxious or unruly person, place, or thing.
This buj just took my parking spot!
by thomas gaughan August 22, 2007
Top Definition
another word for bud , becuase buj sounds so much cooler.
alri buj wats de story
by dekko September 07, 2011
Short for "budge," which is short for "budget." Usually used to refer to something as being less than acceptable in a major way, or of low quality. To say "That's buj" is equivalent to "That sucks."
That waiter is so buj, he forgot to bring me my wine!
by gorgonzola_man2 February 10, 2008
lazy person speek who cant be arse to say budge
buj out tha way
oi buj up bitch
by limzy July 15, 2006
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