This is NOT to be confused with bugly as in butt-ugly, bugly means that the named looks like a bug. This is not really an insult, there are many very hot/pretty/handsome celebrities/people who are kinda bugly.
Cute pic, you look really pretty, but a bit like a cross between an ant and a wasp!

Ohhh, I always look bug-ly in pictures!
by Charlotte v-k September 01, 2005
Top Definition
more than ugly. it stands for butt ugly.
damn that guy is bugly. look at the zits on his face!
by teresa November 14, 2002
it is a mix between butt and ugly it means butt ugly
omgsh! jamie is sooooo bugly!
by ashabashabashaleigh November 14, 2006
Bugly is a cross between butt and ugly. Not only is it ugly, it the next best thing: butt-ugly. It can describe anything, really.
That man is so bugly that it makes me want to vomit.
I'm sorry, but those new bowls are bugly.
by Fleeting Shadow April 16, 2011
A site, software, app, game that has bugs and has an ugly user interface.
Anything that has bugs and ugly interface.
Dude that site is bugly!
Sorry, I can't see that site because it's bugly.
by evol1knobi September 11, 2013
Not just ugly, butt ugly
Girl I can't believe you went out with him, he's bugly!
by EricM August 20, 2005
Between ugly and fugly. (Butt ugly)
She was one bugly chick!
by Choda Boy December 10, 2003
The term was coined by the students of Graphic Design at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon in the mid 1980's as a term for girls who wear darker lip liner than the lipstick applied. Bugly was a invented Rastafarrian term for a butt hole appearance of the mouth.
That chick is looking especially bugly today.
by Deb Fox March 11, 2008
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