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This is NOT to be confused with bugly as in butt-ugly, bugly means that the named looks like a bug. This is not really an insult, there are many very hot/pretty/handsome celebrities/people who are kinda bugly.
Cute pic, you look really pretty, but a bit like a cross between an ant and a wasp!

Ohhh, I always look bug-ly in pictures!
by Charlotte v-k September 01, 2005
1 9
more than ugly. it stands for butt ugly.
damn that guy is bugly. look at the zits on his face!
by teresa November 14, 2002
86 31
it is a mix between butt and ugly it means butt ugly
omgsh! jamie is sooooo bugly!
by ashabashabashaleigh November 14, 2006
18 9
A site, software, app, game that has bugs and has an ugly user interface.
Anything that has bugs and ugly interface.
Dude that site is bugly!
Sorry, I can't see that site because it's bugly.
by evol1knobi September 11, 2013
6 -1
Between ugly and fugly. (Butt ugly)
She was one bugly chick!
by Choda Boy December 10, 2003
29 22
Bugly is a cross between butt and ugly. Not only is it ugly, it the next best thing: butt-ugly. It can describe anything, really.
That man is so bugly that it makes me want to vomit.
I'm sorry, but those new bowls are bugly.
by Fleeting Shadow April 16, 2011
8 2
The term was coined by the students of Graphic Design at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon in the mid 1980's as a term for girls who wear darker lip liner than the lipstick applied. Bugly was a invented Rastafarrian term for a butt hole appearance of the mouth.
That chick is looking especially bugly today.
by Deb Fox March 11, 2008
11 6
Not just ugly, butt ugly
Girl I can't believe you went out with him, he's bugly!
by EricM August 20, 2005
19 14