butt fucked
hay nigga don't get bufkah
by juicey J aka jordan cash money nigga September 18, 2003
Top Definition
3 guys were at an island and to get one they went to a tribe. one guy went to the chief and asked out he told him 'bufkah o die' the guy didnt want to die so he took the bufkah. the chief said OK bend over...(chanting: bufkah bufkah bufkah). the second guy went and also took the bufkah. the third guy went and when they told him 'bufkah o die' he said 'hell nah nigga i aint taking no bufkah, i die like a man' the chief then turns to the tribe and says 'we give him bufkah til he dies!'
i gave bufkah to that goat
mary divorced john, reason: bufkah
by punknigga July 20, 2003

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