Buffting; Buff ( sexy, Fit, Georgeous ) Thing.
So a Yummy Guy ;)
'Woow, He's Well Buffting' Or just Saying 'Buffting' to your friends, They'll Understand x
by Mimmmmmmmmmy June 14, 2010
something that is fit.
pretty awesome
an almost always to do with surfers.
' look at them flipflops, they are Buff ting'
by .x.J.x. May 19, 2008
Originates from those who hate townie slang, and in retalliation, use it themselves.
A buffting describes one who is recognisably hot stuff, and subject of Olivia/Jane's affection.
"Du bist einen buffting, ja!"
"Du bist einen mingting, nein!"
by Jane Catherine Whitehead December 23, 2004
a description for a good stash picked up from a dealer
damn home boy buss us a buff ting
by flexer June 04, 2004
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