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The slang name given to the start of a conflict or an argument or fight.
Tyrone: Yo! who you looking at bitch
Shaun: I'm looking at you bitch nigga what you gonna do
Michael: Ohhhh shit, That's Beef tings
by Sprawling Ogre July 07, 2013
A sarcastic remark.

For use when you see a very fat person, instead of Buffting, which is used for VERY fit people.
Nathan: Molly is Buffting.

Shane: Yeah? Well Sarah is Beefting.
by MrNathanWilliams July 07, 2010
A zoot
Bredda: Easy geez you on a swift beefting?

Otha Bredda: U get me eh eh eh
by JBenHurr October 27, 2008