A guy who wears glasses to hide his real identity, often with a fake nose and bad hair ensemble.

dunna dunna dunna dunna, dunna dunna dunna dunna..BUFF MAN!!!
Guy 1: WOW! There goes Buff Man!
Guy 2: No, thats just some guy with glasses
Guy 1: No it is him, he's got shit hair
Guy 2: Oh yeah...
by Buff Man February 07, 2004
Top Definition
is a guy who thinks hes really buff, but hes just dulusional and trying to cover up his small penis and testicles.
Buffman also named eric, aka sorek aka yorik, aka sorrroo aka garens prodigy, aka noros prodigy aka my bitch aka iam his dad aka future "cfo" in his dreams aka cant handle tanya aka just a pure pussy.
by dfsdafadsf March 27, 2008
my cool friend Mr sam williams. he helps me do any kind of work in french as i am incapable of it myself. he is however not as cool as milo. is consatntly harrassed by people about work.
milo: sammmmmmmm. help me with my french cos you are clever and i can't do it.
Sam: ok what you do is.... blah blah blah..
John: let me listen to fresh prince!
milo& sam: NO! go away john.
Azia: have you done your philosophy essay yet?
by Mr Milo David Belgrove February 13, 2004
buff man: sam, the fittest boy around
dunna dunna dunna dunna, dunna dunna dunna dunna..BUFF MAN!!!
by im not strange, i promise February 03, 2004
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