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When you peer into someone's soul. It is unforcable, and can only be done by chance. The closest repeatable action would be the o.O .
Bill: Hey, come here and look at this.
Ted: ...
Bill: HEY, come here and look at this.
Ted: ...
Bill: What are you doin? *turns around and sees Ted making cat noises clawing at a stain on the curtains*
Bill: o.O *buffalo eye*
Ted: *terrorized* dude... stop... you're giving me the buffalo eye.
Bill: Sorry, man.
Ted: It's ok... i thought i was gonna die. Try not to do it again..
Bill: I can't control it, man.
by Dano Magnum June 14, 2007
When a girl is checking you out.
"That girl is giving you the buffalo eye! She must be hungry!"
by MrDoug October 13, 2006