Muscly or fit. When you've been working out and got well defined muscles you're looking buff.
Somebody: "Did you see The Who at Live Aid?"

Somebody else: "Yeah, Daltrey was looking quite buff!"
by Makeety Makondo July 23, 2006
the insertion of the male reproductive organ into the mouth of a female
At the end of the night after dancing with that girl, she tossed me a big ol' buff in the boy's bathroom
by 41D0 November 08, 2006
Refers to a sexually attractive young man, but the term can also be applied to clothing that make the wearer look attractive. Occasionally the word is linked to women.
He is looking buff tonight.

That top makes you look buff.

by Clarew December 07, 2005
When a person gives a blowjob. Sort of like head
Yo that bitch gives a mean buff
by Edstar March 20, 2005
A person who is beautiful and some1 youd like 2 shag da fuck out off
'That boy is buff u know!' said Chanel to Natasha when they saw Dwaun walk across da street
by Natalie November 12, 2003
Extremly fit person
fuk me,ashton kutcher is buff!
by Pheebs October 22, 2003
to be large in quantity
The deal he got was buff
by sharelle September 19, 2003
The act of giving oral sex.
"That biznatch buffed me off last night, and I gave her an Alaskan Fire Dragon."
by Reesey December 03, 2002

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