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The exact same thing as a spankbank or Spank bank ... just for a female.

When she saw the dude's penis in that movie, the image of it went into her buff box.

While in the basement of my friend's house, we were talking about starting to use the word Spank Bank in our vocabulary, then one of us (being me) thought of using Buff Box for a girl's spank bank. Take that Dylan! I did think of it.
by JoeTheDepressedPoodleNamedVictor January 05, 2008
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An attractive individual. Unlike girls described as being "peng", females attributed with the "Buffbox" description can generally be considered wifey material.

-Origin: Aaron of Croydon (C)-
Steve: Would you mash Mrs. Kelson?
Jon: Yeah she's a buffbox
by Nandakishor April 06, 2008
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