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a descripive conjunction that means butt-dick-ass-pussy. It is a bad thing. Think the smell of butt, dick, ass, or pussy on a hot summer day of working in the yard.
That scotch tastes like budissy.
by Austin Swinney February 21, 2005
1. A manner of insult by which a person or thing is compared to the most personal of body odors. The word is a conglomeration of three major body parts known for their distinctly offensive smells: Booty, Dick, and Pussy and is mean to evoke an exaggerate image of foulness.
2. Used to describe the smell of people having or finished having sexual intercourse. The word is a conglomeration of three major body parts known for their distinct smells: Booty, Dick, and Pussy
1. You: Blagh! You smell like Budissy.

Victim: Budissy? Whats that?

You: Booty, Dick and Pussy now get away.

2. OMG! That night club reeked of Budissy.
by DrRetalin September 01, 2009
triple word combination of the following words:


A bad smelling something, smelling of something fierce.
Can be used as a joke or in normal conversation to describe a person of any gender.
"So rank, the air smell like booty stank"
Dude, do you mind talking that way cuz your breath smells like straight "budissy"
by Hiney419 April 29, 2009
aroma consisting or resembling a not so pleasant combination of three certain body parts... butt/d**k/p***y
It smells like straight budissy up in here
by Anita bump August 14, 2010
A smell often found after having sex. It is a combination of Booty, Dick, and Pussy.
"Damn man, your room smells like budissy!"
by LikeOMGItsJason May 09, 2006
3 words in ONE! Bu-Di-ssy: i.e. BUTT-DICK-PUSSY
"Damn! It smells like bu-di-ssy in here"!
by missanne November 16, 2009
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