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Place in cornwall, UK.
We and my friends went to Bude last June..
by Gemmer September 08, 2006
21 8
A close friend who you usually hang out with.
This person may be clever or mentally retarded; as long as he is your buddy, you can refer to him as a bude.

Derived from dude and bud
Bude, what's up?
Yo bude, check this out!
by swcope November 06, 2006
17 11
An African American male who participates in stereotypical Caucasian white male "dude" activities such as skateboarding, chain wallets, etc.
Check out that sweet Bude's skateboard!
by Jessicagoofybeans January 15, 2012
7 4
A nude pic containing only the girl's boobs in it, and maybe face.
"Yo bro I stole my friend's girlfriend's bude off his phone"
"Sick! Send it to me."

"You got any nudes of her?"
"Nah man, she only sent me a bude."
"Sucks yo."
by Lord of D January 27, 2014
1 2
Describing a female ‘dude’, replacing the ‘d’ with a ‘b’ standing for ‘boobs’. Making ‘Bude’ - A Dude with Boobs.
JACK: You’re such a BUDE
JILL: Arrr Thanks twat
by Dr. ANUS September 30, 2011
2 4
To be awfully rude and crude.
give me back my pork-dinner, quit being bude
by Adolf Chan April 25, 2011
0 3
Nude body
Some consider it rude to show off your bude in public.
by Hercolena Oliver May 02, 2010
1 4