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Taking several sloppy, painful shits the morning after drinking too much bad draft.Very much like the dreaded Molson Mudslide.
I'm gonna be late for work...I got a nasty case of Bud Butt

Oooch!I've wiped my ass at least 40 times this morning cause of this damn Bud Butt.Owwooch!
by Lunicus December 09, 2006
After a wonderful evening of consuming numerous bottles of Budwieser, will result in the aforementioned condition. Bud Butt derives from the english term "Mud Butt" a similar condition in which a reign of terror unleashes in the washroom, or for the most unfortunate, in their undergarments.
Ryan: Oh man I got so wasted after a evening of consuming nothing but Budweiser!
Ashley: So in other words you've go the Bud Butt?
by ryenash October 30, 2010
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