Another name for a long "Gandolf" pipe; often used for smoking marijuana or tobacco.

Often referred to as "Bucksnort the blue" if the piece is of bluish color.
Hey doood, you wanna rip a bowl from Bucksnort??
by mcnastnast August 10, 2010
Top Definition
n. 1. A particularly loud fart (definition used by Gagnon's in central New York)
I want to rip a bucksnort on Jessica Simpson's face.
by Gagnon's February 02, 2004
The violent sound your ass makes when gas errupts from it.
What the hell was that? And that nasty funky smell! That my friends is called buck snort! Enjoy it...
by The Man Carter January 11, 2005
v; When food and/or drink projects out your nose because something made you laugh while intaking the food and/or drink. adv; Food projectile through nasal cavity.
When the joke came to a head, I happened to be enjoying some milk and cookies, and I laughed so hard that I bucksnorted those cookies all over my friends.

Shredded wheat cereal doesn't bucksnort very easily. It gets lodged!
by LaPlaytym February 16, 2011
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