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1: When your package shows through your pants meaning 1) your pants are too tight 2) your balls are too big 3) all of the above

2: The male version of a Camel Toe
Dude! Jesse's got a Bucknuckle
by Jesse James Mauck January 18, 2006
2 more definitions
1)huge bulge in your pants


2)a word used to decribe a retarted person who doesnt know what it means
1) wow, nice bucknuckle!

2) leslie, ur such a bucknuckle!
by spoogler September 21, 2006
a term used to describe a cameltoe for a male. The balls are tucked to the front of the pelvic region creating a cameltoe for a man.
Cindy:"OMG, that guy had a vagina!?"
Jamal: "Nah girl, thats just a buck nuckle!"
by Videokiiid June 18, 2006

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