To collapse from exhaustion; when the knees 'buckle' beneath one because you have worked so hard.
"I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them til I do get buckled." - Jack the Ripper
by Dear Old Jack October 27, 2011
buckled is when someone either looks like, or has actually been punched in the face with a great-big "tombstone" belt buckle--the kind that are typically worn by those on the Professional Bull Riding circuit.
"Ooohweee dat girl is buckled!"

by Beau Coulon January 07, 2008
To buckle is to fuck something up.
Jess buckled the hookah and knocked the coal on to the table, which then burst into flame.
by alexmorris April 03, 2007
When someone backs away from a curveball in baseball and it breaks in for a strike.
"Wow Trevor is a dumbass he just got buckled on that curve"
by 'Tomer July 08, 2005
Her fashion sense is buckled.
by chaypher August 02, 2003
Buckled is along the same line as busted but not as harsh. This person is pretty ugly but has some good physical qualities to them.
Wow. That guy's face is buckled but at least he has a pretty nice body.
by Jenn Goarck September 10, 2005

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