when you are fucking a girl doggystle and then you grab her hair and tell her you have aids or something else that would make her try to get away and you see how long you can continue to "ride her"
"i pulled a bucking bronco on that girl i met at the bar yesterday."
by lil' smokey March 07, 2007
Sex move in which the girl has pigtails, and you have doggy style sex, then at the peek of the male's orgasm, he whispers into the girls ear, "I have aids" then the male sees how long he can keep it inside.

No example cuz you shouldn't try the Bucking Bronco if you would like to keep your dick attached to your body
by SAM P AND ZACH K March 04, 2008
The new, upcoming trend brought on by the younger generation. It involves one male thrusting a random male to the ground, then jumping on him and doing it from the back very quickly, until the other person fights back.
Jonah was filming me as I gave Trevor a Bucking Bronco.
by Dantechunkers March 07, 2012
during unprotected sex in the doggystyle position,
hold on extremely tight and calmly whisper in the girls ear
that you have aids,brace yourself and enjoy the ride!
"i was fuking sally and i gave her the bucking bronco"
by xrsize May 14, 2008
A sex act where a woman is laying flat on her chest while a man is having anal sex with her. Then he has to put both his hands secured in a place he can grasp on to the woman. He the procides, as he is in "action", to whisper in the woman's ear "I have Aids". If proformed correctly, the woman will try to shake the man off her by trying to jump up. The man shood try to stay on for the full effect. Don't use unless you plan to break up with the girl.
I pulled the Bucking Bronco on her and she practically jumped out the window!
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
When you are giving a girl anal, you stay inside her and tell her you have AIDS, and see how long you can hold on to her.
Man, I did a bucking bronco on her ass and she was flipping out!
by PonCal January 26, 2008
During sex, the male is on the female can be many different positions, and while he's in her, he holds her hands/arms/or anything else to keep her down while he's busy fucking her, then says something like: "I have AIDS," or "your best friend was better," etc. She then tries to get away as fast as she can. As the female is trying to get away, her frantic movement is making his dick go deeper inside her, at a faster rate.
"Last night I tried the whole 'Bucking Bronco' thaang with my lady. I know that's terrible...but, DAMN! It felt so good."
by [SALTY!] Pirate June 05, 2006

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