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an unusual piece of improvised marijuana paraphernalia, much like smoking out of an apple, created by hollowing out a buckeye with holes for mouthpiece, bowl and carb. in some variations found at some northern California community colleges, a few drops of high proof alcohol are dropped onto the bud, to facilitate the uptake of psychotropic turpines from the flesh of the buckeye, granting the smoker a different, more pleasurable high.
stoner #1 dude I dont have a piece.

stoner #2 no worries *picks up a fallen, large treen nut*
stoner #1 wtf is that?
stoner #2 a buckeye! indians used them to stupify fish, owing to the presence of psychetropic substances in them. *produces an unnecessarily large knife and begins hollowing out the bowl.

stoner #1 you sure this will work?
stoner #2 its called a buckeye pipe. It'll do a boogie woogie on your brain!
by the buckeye smoker January 22, 2014