A derogatory term used for a low-life woman who is good for nothing but to empty your load. Not even hit it and quit it status as you don't take the time to think of her needs. Just fill her up and toss her when you're done. Not the girl you bring home to mom. Likely to frequent street corners while disguised as your typical club rat. Definitely gonna wanna double wrap it for good measure.

Someone who maybe not all your friends have screwed, but she/or he for that matter, has definitely at least tried to give head to half of them.
"Yo bro, you seeing that girl from last night again?"
"Nah, man.. She was a buckethead. She's lucky I gave her a ride home when I was done.. Which reminds me, You know any good places to have my car detailed?"
by Lil_D9786 March 19, 2013
Top Definition
Buckethead, or Brian Carroll, is one of my favorite guitar players. GuitarOne named him 8th fastest guitar player in the world. He has a unique sound when he plays, and usually his playing is accomodated by still robot/mannequin style movements, such as robot twitching. He is also known for being able to make two sounds come out of a guitar at once. he has played in such bands as The Deli Creeps, Giant Robot, and Guns and Roses. His main hit was at ozzfest in 1999.

He got his alias of buckhet one day while eating fried chicken. he chooses to be creepy. He also enjoys robot style breakdancing and playing with his nunchukus. He can usually combine guitar/robot/nunchuckus into his performance all at once.
Buckethead is one of the greatest guitar players of all time.
by Kelly T May 01, 2005
Guitarist that is famous for using (and perhaps inventing) 10 finger tapping, even utilizing his thumbs. He wears a KFC bucket on his head and Michael Myers mask covering his face.
I don't care what "GuitarOne" says, I guarantee that Buckethead can tap more notes per second than someone like Yngwie can sweep pick.
by bryan18 August 16, 2005
He's half alive, he's half dead, folks just call him Buckethead.
Buckethead was raised in a chicken coop by chickens.
by Bwak Bwak I am Chicken MAN August 16, 2009
An extremely talented avant-garde musician and composer known best for his swift, fluid guitar shredding and tapping. Being multi-instrumental, he can play bass, drums and piano among other instruments. He also has an amazing ability to perform well live, and maintains a certain stage presence despite not showing his face. He's very awkward and mysterious, not much is known about him. Yeah, he wears a bucket on his head, but who cares? People who like other guitarists often criticize him by saying he plays too fast and doesn't have any emotion. But anyone who's listened to ten of his songs knows he plays almost every style of music from metal to funk and easy listening. There is no best guitarist, but this guy is damn good.
Once I listened to Buckethead song other than Jordan, I haven't listened to much since.
by Soothsayer36 March 07, 2009
The other definitions are retarded. Buckethead's true name isn't what MTV says it is. MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken. Buckethead is a very talented man, and his origins remain unkown. You may enjoy his music or not, it is very unique. He has been known to play with bands such as Deli Creeps and Praxis. He has played with Guns 'N Roses to make some money, and continues to do with his own projects, which is very respectible. I hope the idiot who says he's a bass player goes to hell for being so stupid.
by Kyle August 07, 2003
One of the most godly guitarist of all time. He wears a porsoline mask and a KFC bucket on his head. He may look very strange but his Guitar skills are incredible. He is known for his use of the Killswitch.
by HybridTheory01 May 02, 2009
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