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referring to someones huge buck teeth. also refer as buck-bucks or bucks.
holy crap, you have HUGE buckers.
by bob hermansonton March 22, 2006
Riveter, One who deforms one end of a rivet in order to fasten two pieces of metal together.

One who crimps the head of the rivet.

A bucked end of the rivet is the end that has been deformed on the job site/while riveting while the factory end of the rivet already has a head.

Also refereed to as "Bucker-up."

terminology commonly used in building and bridge construction, iron-working.
The foremen shouted, "bucker up, get that rivet in place before it cools down!"
by Bobby_oldenheart March 28, 2013
A chicken or turkey.
Southern Fried bucker is delicious.
by snapplez November 20, 2006
a word used when talking about a female who sleeps with alot of people.
nigga i found out ya girl is a bucker we have to get that.
by n.o.boy504 August 19, 2009
Bucker, from a cominination of the childrens' word 'Butt' and the insulting word 'fucker'.
"Ying is a bucker" , "You're such a bucker!" " I like bucker's", "Will you be my bucker tonight?", " my ass is itchy, I need a good bucker"
by Chingy the chinese yingy August 04, 2006