to fight insanely or unrestrained
If i see that person again ill go buck wild on him
by kazisaki August 07, 2009
1 crazy, insane, loooney
2 females during sex
she went buck wild last night
by bob and the man December 19, 1999
The act of having someone snort cocaine off of your penis while you are doing a keg stand.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Chris? He went buck wild at Jake's party last week.
Guy 2: That crazy bastard!
by BuckWildGrim May 16, 2011
sex that is loco, crazy, wild, freaky, and fun
Jakes told Rob about how buck wild things went with the two chicks he met
by Kittie September 10, 2003
A level of activity that results with those engaged in the activity end up on the ground.
Shit dude! Look at Nick! He's going buckwild!
by Johnny March 18, 2005
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