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Someone who has been in a gym lifting weights and loves to show off their muscles afterwards by wearing their tank top in public places.
Who does this bubble boy think he is?
by pav996r October 11, 2006
7 27
Someone who's always sick
"Hey Johnno, you coming out tonight?"
"Nah I can't, I've got a sore throat."
"Fuck you Bubble Boy!"
by Hollywood January 18, 2005
68 34
A cowardly paladin in World of Warcraft. The name refers to the paladin's spell Divine Protection, which shields the paladin from damage for a few moments, during which time the paladin uses a hearthstone to escape from battle.
"I saw a pally in Desolace, and the damn bubbleboy tossed up the shield and hs'd when I ran past"
by gedgher May 01, 2006
20 10
a male with an over protective mother
that keeps him locked in a "bubble"
man you can never do anything your a bubble boy
by kageann February 23, 2009
14 6
Someone who finishes just below being in the money in a poker tournament aka "the bubble".
I just played a 5 hour tournament and finished below the money. Being the bubble boy sucks.
by Gunnar S April 11, 2010
11 5
boy in the plastic bubble is used to describe a person who must live in a microbiologically sterile environment for medical reasons
David Vetter (1971–1984), a victim of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, was forced to live in a sterile environment. Bubble Boy became popular as "the boy in the plastic bubble".
by cinch December 30, 2011
4 1
the bubbleboy on seinfeld!!!
have you seen the episode on seinfeld where theres the bubbleboy?
by xohaley August 07, 2006
4 15