A rap song by the Spanish group "7 notas 7 colores".
"Hey have you heard the new song 'buah' by 7 notas 7 colores?"

"Yeah hombre! That song rocks!"
by cfred February 22, 2010
Top Definition
slang for goodbye. originated with jessica poland
okay. okay. okay. ok buah!
by Jesse Hammer June 22, 2006
The way rapper Lupe Fiasco says "boy."
Seen very prominently in the song "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" off the amazing album "Lasers." It is also noticed in other various songs by Lupe.
Lupe: "Yeah, telle what he do, holla from the bottom, yell it from da roof BUAH (buah)."
by thevoiceofreason. January 25, 2012
the ebonic way of saying "boy" niggers always find a way to change up the english language...que se vayan a la verga pinches esclavos!
Jamal: Say buah, what you doin' tonight?
Jermaine: Nothing buah, prolly get arrested cause i'm black!
by PastELCarnicero May 10, 2010
little used perhaps.. this is the begining to an evil laugh (sometimes an evil laugh is started mwah...sounds too much like a kiss for my liking)

so.evil laugh.. 'buah ahahahaaa'
by hyldigyth May 20, 2006
slang for boyfriend

my boy= my buah!
You my buah!
by el jefe November 25, 2003
1. An exclamation of exasperation of a sexual or other-genderly nature;
2. An exclamation of exasperation used in connection with the other gender;
3. An exclamation of exasperation used when speaking to a member of the other gender.
BUAH! You're my f**king girlfriend, you're supposed to back ME UP, not HIM!
by Chicken Licken August 06, 2003
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