A non-gender specific term of affection, usually applied to a significant other i.e. girlfriend or boyfriend. Can also be applied to close friends.
"Hey Bu, I'm just killing to see you tonight."
by Robyn Saul January 21, 2004
Top Definition
Boston University; nickname.
I went to BU as an undergrad.
by John Shin March 21, 2005
Derived from the Indonesian word "ibu" used to describe a woman or house wife, shortened in Indonesian to "bu" in intimate relationships. In English "bu" is used by a male to describe his girlfriend or significant other.
Bu, can you get a Mountain Dew out of the refridgerator for me?
by Matthew October 17, 2004
Malibu, California. A wealthy and mostly white residential beach city along the coast West of Los Angeles.
B-rad lives in Bu but he pretends he's from the hood.
by JS January 16, 2004
A friendly word which is used to address a friend, usually a male.
Sup, Bu! How Ya Doin?
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
big ugly slut, that always lurks for attention of all the guys. Like a leech she will latch on to them and suck their.....(DICK). She is usually found getting shoved around by a bunch of guys but she will be laughing about it because she craves the attention and doesn't want to risk losing her crowd. Alot of the time she will run down the man shes leeching and keep yelling his name even though the guy doesn't notice her or care, she won't stop until he actually talks to her. B.U.S's also like to be treated like crap and a majority of them are B.D.O's too at least if there's some blacks around
Paul: Uhh Joe you got a nice B.U.S behind you right now...
Joe: REARY!?! WUR?
Paul: hey i'd totally push that man
Joe:......Well it is your birthday..hmmm..O.k.
Joe: Happy birthday Paul!
by Scrotal explosion April 14, 2010
A non-gender specific term of affection, usually said by someone of brown skin... applied to a significant other i.e. girlfriend or boyfriend.
yoo.. i need you bu... i gotta see you bu...
by blah123456789 May 29, 2008
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